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Please Contact Us if you would like to buy a report, have any queries, comments or suggestions regarding: 

Custom consultancy, Off-the-shelf reports, Future reports, A News item, General Enquiries, Engalco website 

Postal Address: 
3 Georgian Mews 
East Riding of Yorkshire 
YO15 3TG 
United Kingdom 


Alternatively directly to Terry Edwards:-

Telephone: +44 (0)1262 42 42 49 

Mobile (cell phone): +44 (0) 77 29 13 24 15 

If you desire to phone us please bear in mind that we are in the GMT time zone. For example, we are eight hours ahead of California (i.e. 9 AM Pacific Time is 5 PM GMT). Or, as another example, we are eight/nine hours behind Peking, Hong Kong, Seoul time (i.e. 5 PM in these cities is 8 or 9 AM GMT). 


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