Aspects of Engalco’s B-SAT1 Report

Example: Boeing’s 702HP Spacecraft

Constituting the new Inmarsat 5 constellation three of these 702HP spacecraft will be launched – the first in 2014. The transponder in each 702HP satellite contains 89 K/Ka-band modules. The global, high-capacity services will be supplied by Avanti Communications.

B-SAT1 focuses on the ground-based K/Ka-band transceivers (TxRx) and the mass-manufacture of these general types of products is already taking place in China.

For these general types of products the total available (global) markets in year 2010 amounted to around one billion US$:

TxRx = transceivers

Engalco’s B-SAT1 report provides market forecasts to year 2019. Strong growth is forecasted throughout this time scale although market sizes and growth rates vary considerably between regions.

New developments include IMST’s LTCC-based K/Ka-band front-end:

W. Simon, J. Kassner, O. Litschke, H. Fischer, S. Holzwarth and P. Uhlig – all working in IMST GmbH, Germany. IMST_highly_integrated_ka-band_antenna_array July 10.pdf


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