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Engalco is a tech-sector industry analysis, market forecasting and publishing concern that has been run by Terry Edwards for three decades. With strong experience in all relevant commercial and defense segments, the firm specializes mainly in the RF/microwave, wireless, fiber-optics, photonics and related electronics industry sectors.

The firm has been responsible for a large number of published market reports and the completion of many private client projects in these sectors. Engalco's mission is to continue providing a range of vital types of analysis, research and publishing services based upon the firm's specialist capabilities.

Terry Edwards has a strong background in microwave integration research followed by a related deep and focused market research experience going back more than 30 years.

He has also written several books on microwaves and fiber optic technologies, through the publishers John Wiley & Sons and also with Artech House. Working together with Prof Michael Steer (UCNC) the 4th edition of the famous microstrip book was published by John Wiley & Son in 2016. He also wrote "Technologies for RF Systems", Artech House, 2018.

He visited the following International Microwave exhibitions: Dallas/Ft Worth 2004, Atlanta Georgia 2008, the European Microwave Week events in Rome 2009, in Paris 2010 and together with two colleagues Manchester (UK) October 2011.


(MMIC design by Plextek RFI)                                                                      (European Microwave Week, Rome 2009)


Engalco representatives also visited the Counterterror Exhibition (London, Olympia, 2010) the International Microwave exhibition (Anaheim, CA, 2010) and the Farnborough International Air Show 2010 (UK).

Over the past several years to date Engalco has been responsible for microwave-related and millimeter-wave-related industrial consultancy for several international private clients located on both sides of the famous "Pond".

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