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This report provides you with the following: • Strategic background information. • Assessments of important industry segments. • Identification of the main players and their attributes. • Overall analysis of this industrial scene. • Market data including UK market forecasts for MMICs
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Following an overview of the global context the main content of this report comprises:

• Structure of the UK RF/microwave industry.

• Identification of the relatively large players, many of the SMEs, the distributors and supply chains.

• Brief profiles of selected major UK-operating players.

• End-user market trends discussed in some detail.

• Quantitative detail of UK markets for MMICs with forecasts to 2018.

MMIC players selling products in the UK are identified together with their distributors, main targeted application segments and typical product packages. Market data (TAMs) with forecasts to 2018 are exhibited for these MMICs (GaAs, GaN, SiGe) into the following application segments: AESAs, EW, microwave radio, millimeter-wave radio, both Ku and K/KA-band VSAT and ISM. Power amplifiers and “non-power amplifier” applications are segmented.

Appendices provide website details for all the companies cited in the report and a glossary of abbreviations.

This report is available as a US$ version or alternatively as a UK pound sterling (£) version – whichever you would prefer.


You can view the Table of Contents, List of Figures and the List of Tables from the 'download sample' option.

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