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MGMSS Report

The Worldwide Industry & Market Opportunities and forecasts to 2014 for Microwaves Global Military & Space-Related Systems (MGMSS)
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The Worldwide Industry & Market Opportunities and forecasts to 2014 for Microwaves Global Military & Space-Related Systems (MGMSS)



A New-Venture Report from ENGALCO




Researched & prepared by Terry Edwards and Chris Pollard 


Microwaves Global Military & Space-Related Systems (MGMSS) Global & Regional Market Forecasts to 2014 


Microwaves Global Military and Space-Related Systems (MGMSS) identifies fourteen types of RF module products addressing markets that are segmented by “microwave” and “millimeter-wave” – with military and space-systems the end-user applications. Global and regional TAMs are provided for every type of product and both ASPs and volume shipments for most. In all instances forecasts are provided to 2014. This report includes 287 charts and 114 tables. This report was released on April 14, 2008.


MGMSS comprises both an extensive and intensive report providing detailed information on the current status and (most importantly) monetary market and shipments forecasts for: Amplifiers, signal sources, ferrite components, electronic switches, mixers and subassemblies (some implementing complex MMICs). Microwave and separately millimetre-wave (MM-wave) technologies and markets are segmented. This substantial report is designed to perform two main functions:

    •Provide hard, granular data and supporting information on the global markets by product type (also by major geographic region); 
    •Supply terse recommendations to aid OEMs and others towards sound corporate growth.

The military and also the professional space sectors are providing strong opportunities. These sectors are the end-user subjects of this key report.


The "War against Terrorism" and the campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq have continued to drive upwards electronics requirements in military and security applications. This applies to airborne, battlefield and naval radars as well as EW systems. As many as possible such types of systems are identified and critiqued. Military satellite systems include: AEHF, GPS IIR, Skynet 5, Wideband Gapfiller (WGS) and the coming

Transformational Satellite Program. Most national military budgets will continue to increase, though often more slowly than in recent years. High-tech features within military scenarios, including RF and microwave technology, are of vital importance.


Although nowhere near the very optimistic expectations of the late-1990s, commercial satellite systems remain highly significant. Examples include various broadband satellite systems and Europe's planned GALILEO project (GALILEO may still yet fly) as the European answer to the existing American GPS. There is currently (2008) a renaissance in commercial satellite systems markets and the already evident pressures for satellite-based Internet where cable networks cannot reach are providing driving forces for satellite products. Earth resources satellite systems will continue to be of considerable significance. Other systems include: AmeriStar, Nahuel 2, NSS-8, Satlynx, Telstar 13 and WildBlue. Various earth station developments (including VSATs) are also covered. Both broadband satellite and SATNAV developments are given substantial coverage. 

Underlying technology and impacts.


Bearing in mind the important focus on RF/microwave amplifiers and signal sources, specifically the modular products providing these functions, the choice and impact of various semiconductor technologies is also considered. This includes the following semiconductor materials: silicon (Si); SiC; SiGe, GaAs, InP and GaN.

A critique is provided concerning the choice between modules based upon discrete semiconductor devices and MMICs (or RFICs). Where appropriate there is some coverage of packaging options—including MCMs, particularly for subassemblies. Microwave (0.8 to 20 GHz) and millimeter-wave (MM-wave; above 20 GHz) applications and markets are extensively covered.

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